9 Car Insurance Myths Every Car Owner Must Know

While in the middle of looking for the best car insurance in PA, car owners will encounter several myths that may affect their final choice. In the world of insurance, since monthly payments are involved, there are several misconceptions that go around. Debunking and knowing the truth behind the myths will allow car owners to choose the best car insurance provider correctly.

These are the most common insurance myths and the truth behind them:

1 – “No-Fault Insurance” Translates To It’s Not My Fault

Every state has its own limitations when it comes to no-fault insurance, but it never means that it is not the driver’s fault. This type of car insurance only means that the insurance company will cover all the immediate medical costs and discuss it with the other company who will ultimately pay for the costs.

2 – Car Color Affects Insurance Prices

No, red cars do not cost more to insure than other colors. The cost of premiums is based on the vehicle’s safety features and ratings, never on the color.

3 – The Driver Is Responsible For The Damages, Not The Owner

If you lent a friend or relative your car and they were involved in an accident, you are still liable for the cost of damage. Car insurance covers the car, not the driver, so it doesn’t matter who was behind the wheel during the accident. You, as the owner are still responsible.

4 – Expensive Cars Equates To Higher Premiums

Not necessarily. Insurance companies will look into the vehicle’s loss history, repair history, and all the claims made under the same model to determine the price of the insurance.

5 – Soldiers Pay More

False. In fact, many insurance companies offer soldiers, both in active duty and not, a huge discount for their services. The company will need to verify the claim, but it is worth it as sometimes the insurance discounts are extended to other family members.

6 – Credit Scores Don’t Matter

Yes, they do! An insurance company will take a look at the driver’s credit score to help determine and compute insurance rates.

7 – Older Drivers Pay More

Not all all. In fact, it is the opposite. Older drivers with a great driving record are offered the lowest rates because of their years of experience. Teens, especially teen boys are often charged more due to their liability.

8 – Traffic Tickets Will Increase Insurance Costs

Not necessarily. As long as you have a good driving record, a few parking or traffic tickets will not cause a major increase in insurance premiums.

9 – Personal Property Inside The Vehicle In Covered By Car Insurance

A laptop or any other personal property of value that was left inside the car and stolen will not be covered by car insurance. It is considered as personal property and is separate from the vehicle. Although the items can be deducted and included in the claim, it is not a guarantee that it will be replaced.

Shop around for the best car insurance in PA by asking for estimates. This will help you find the right premiums that fit your needs and budget while also living up to your expectations.

Miller Carlisle Insurance Services is your best choice if you want to save on your monthly premium and get the best car insurance in PA. Contact us today for more info!

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