Some Of The Important Features Of Apps Like Porter

Let’s talk about everybody’s one-stop-shop for all courier pick up of packaging services, Porter. Porter is one of India’s leading organized delivery organizations with 1,50,000+ enlisted driver-accompanies and multiple million+ cheerful clients who consistently put orders online! Porter is free in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Jaipur, and Kolkata and is India’s most influential commercial organization for intra-city delivery factors. 

Let’s check out some of the features which Porter gives which must be there in delivery apps: 

1. Quick, devoted, & cost-effective booking: We offer superfast on-demand deliveries that will not break your pocket & will fit your delivery plan!

2. Express Home Courier Service: We deliver packages to your doorstep and bring them to you at your doorstep. 

3. Help of an Assistant: Looking for somebody to help you simultaneously? We have some assistance! Our delivery partner will help you load and unload goods starting from the beginning to the end. 

4. Choice of Quick Moving Vehicle. – You can choose from a variety of vehicles, including a 2-wheeler, Tata pro/Chota Hathi/Kutty Yanai, Tata 407, Pickup 8ft, three-wheelers/Ape/Champion, Super Ace, etc.

5. Track your live order status: You can track your truck and bicycle area, driver contact details, rough appearance time, etc.

6. Numerous Mode of Payments: Pay through our wallet, net banking, charge/Mastercards, UPI like GPay, or choose cash on delivery.

7. Simple truck and two-wheeler rental: Book mini-trucks, tempo, bicycles, and bikes online on request. Deliveries can be made according to you at any time, anywhere. 

8. Availability of Inter-City Delivery: Porter’s outstation feature allows you to ship your products anywhere at the tip of your fingers. Intercity and highway package deliveries of merchandise, packages and couriers are available.

9. Various options for Drop-Off: Do you need to drop off products in various areas? Select numerous drop focuses and transport products to multiple locations in a single go.

10. Packers and Movers: Shift house without any stress with Porter’s packers and movers India administration. Get packing assistance alongside moving your things securely.

11. Continuous Price Estimations: Get delivery charges for all suitable business merchandise vehicles and two-wheelers by entering your get and drop area.

12. The only Logistics App you need: Book smaller than a usual beat or little trucks for cargo, calculated and product deliveries, bicycles for packages and delivery, and packers and movers administration for migration.

13. One-day Delivery: Whether it’s moving houses or sending a product, we guarantee speedy and safe delivery around the same time or through express delivery service.

How Do Features Play An Important Role?

Features like route optimization, data access and analytics, and real-time alerts allow delivery-based business stakeholders to know where a particular order is at any given time. Furthermore, the delivery process is sped-up, resulting in increased productivity.

The ability to see the specific location of delivery persons and vehicles allows for a more accurate estimate of delivery time, improves transparency, and provides the most required feature expected from any delivery app, i.e., prompt delivery status.

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