Blue Cheese and Some of Its Great Health Benefits

One of the most important things that add extra taste to your varieties of dishes is the tangy and bold blue cheese. Another thing that you will know about this beautiful and delicious cheese is that it has various health benefits and helps you to enjoy a treat that is guilt-free. Also, you will know that the taste of the blue cheese can vary importantly on the basis of where the cheese is from and for how long it has been aged. For instance, Danish blue has a mild flavor along with a creamy texture. On the other hand, one kind of cheese that people find less appealing is Roquefort’s taste. As per the historians, there are different origins of blue cheese. Some people say that or believe that blue cheese was discovered accidentally when the cheese that was stored in the cave got exposed to the moldy bread and got contaminated. 

Production of Cheese & Benefits – 

Regardless of the Roche Creamery’s blue cheese, and its origin, the process of production has become pretty suave. These days, cheesemakers use bacterial cultures to convert the sugar in the milk into lactic acid. More pivotally, the cheesemakers use mold extracts like that of Penicillium roqueforti and then they add rennet to the milk to cause it to curdle. Some of the health benefits of blue cheese are that it is rich in nutrients and offers various kinds of health benefits. For instance, with blue cheese, you get high calcium content, even if you compare it to other types of cheese. If once the blue cheese is served in an ounce – the serving of the cheese would contain 150 mg of calcium. Whereas, the recommended DV, daily value of cheese varies based on age and gender. An adult should take a minimum of 1,000mg of calcium per day. 

Extra Health Benefits of Cheese – 

Low Risk of Osteoporosis – 

Since blue cheese contains high calcium content, it can help people to have a healthy bone density. And a regular intake of calcium-rich food like blue cheese protects the bones and reduces the risk of developing the above-mentioned condition. 

Prevent Obesity – 

One of the most important things for you to note is that the calcium in the blue cheese is linked with an anti-obesity mechanism in the body. It reduces body weight from fat. As per the latest studies, blue cheese intake helps the body in managing the visceral fat that is around the abdominal area and also maintains a healthy gut. 

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease – 

A compound known as spermidine is present in blue cheese that delays aging and lessens the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The exact cause for this is unclear still. But the researchers suggest that spermidine includes a positive effect on cardiac muscle cells and other areas of the heart system. 

Conclusion – 

You can make cheese a part of your healthy diet. But still, you should know that it is still high in salt and saturated fat, so eat at medium levels. If you have a headache or migraine then you may want to avoid blue cheese. 

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