Are You Planning To Start Your Business This Year?

Due to a recent pandemic situation created due to COVID-19, there have been plenty of changes in the business environment. Most of the brick-and-mortar company’s profit dwindled while a few online company’s profits were doubled and even tripled too.

So, keeping this in view, if you are planning to start any business this year then you can read small business blogs and take the help of Keep It Simple Systems (KISSR) who can share their knowledge with you and also show you how you can also leverage technology to start your new business.

1. Create your professional website

No business can prosper unless there is an online presence. So, you must take the help of a professional and create a website for your company.

2. Tweak the language of your website

Try to identify a few popular keywords and try to populate your website content with these keywords from time to time, so that people can easily find you while searching online.

3. Measure the demand of your product

Use the help of technology from time to time, to find what the demand for your product or service is, so that you can also create a proper marketing strategy.

4. Try to improve your sales forecast

Often it is very difficult to predict sales during difficult times. You can therefore try to identify what are the cash-flow issues that your distribution partners are facing. That can help you to get a clearer picture of your business health and may also offer a new business opportunity too.

5. Shed your problematic customers

Identify who is your problematic customer and in the present situation, who are not worth keeping.  Try to impose certain fees for additional services to them, while offer discounts to your good customers.

6. Create backlinks for your website

You may contribute your blogs and articles about your company and business to many different free websites that you can easily identify. Also, provide the URL of your company website so that you can generate traffic to your website.  

7. Partner with any struggling company

Few businesses these days are doing very badly and by partnering with them you may get some help from them as they too are looking for some revenue source.

8. Try to learn from your lost sales

If you have lost any sales recently after making a lot of effort, it is better to analyze the reasons and learn a few lessons for the future.

9. Advertise in social media

These days’ social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are becoming very popular and most of your prospects must be visiting these sites regularly. You can get better exposure to your website by advertising on the media.

10. Create few cool viral videos

Create a few cool videos about your company and make them viral.

As you start into this post-pandemic mode, you may also bump into some obstacles. With the arrival of a new delta variant of this virus spreading, there can be further lock-downs too.

Amanda Peterson: Amanda is an economist turned blogger who provides readers with an in-depth look at macroeconomic trends and their impact on businesses.