Why it Pays to Be a Bit Selfish When it Comes to Fitness

The honest truth I have learned over the years is that fitness is always a self made effort. The only person in the world who can improve your health and fitness is you. Other people can support you and cheer you on, but at then end of the day your fitness success or failure is between you and the person in the mirror.

Unfortunately we live in a society that tends to value helping others over doing something for ourselves. I’ve known many people who get flack from friends, family and coworkers because they take time out of the day so they can go on their jog or attend their Yoga class. It’s seen as a selfish endeavor to be into improving your body and in many cases it’s considered mere vanity to do so. Heck, I’ve even come across some who feel they are more riotous and holier than thou because they don’t workout.

Over the years those who exercise have taken on the image of being self involved and narcissistic. It’s believed by many that body builders and those who are really into fitness are inwardly focused and care more about themselves instead of others.

Because of this belief, many people are hesitant to take more time and energy for themselves lest they come across as a narcissistic bastard who only cares about themselves.

It’s time we stopped considering fitness pursuits as selfish endeavors. After all, if you don’t take care of your health who will? How are you going to be there for your children and grandkids when you are too weak, sick or injured to be active?

If you give all your time and energy to others, how are you going to de-stress and refill your personal energy so you don’t become stressed and short tempered?

They say that a key component in fitness and weight loss success is about rearranging your priorities. So let’s start recognizing that we must put our own selves first once in a while and make our own health priority #1. After all, your relationships and ability to help those who are close to you depends on your ability to stay healthy, fit and happy. Nothing could be less selfish than improving your health.

Amanda Peterson: Amanda is an economist turned blogger who provides readers with an in-depth look at macroeconomic trends and their impact on businesses.