The advantages of using shipping load boards

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If you are a trucker, load boards are the best place to find great loads for you. Load boards offer you with so many benefits as they lower the burden of matching carriers to shippers who wish to get their loads transported. If you own a trucking company, then with the help of a load board, you can look out for trucking jobs and place bids on them or get the task.

Advantages of using shipping load boards

Load boards also known as freight boards are an online marketplace used by truckers, shippers, trucking companies and freight brokers. They post and search for loads here. The platform is easily accessible by phone, computer or laptop. All types of freight related details is uploaded on the platform right from type of load, destination, type of vehicle, loading product, delivery date, pick up time and more. If a trucker, owner/operator, shipper or freight broker reach at an agreement about the price, then both are notified and they can start the task.

Free or low cost sign up

You do not have to spend a lot of money to use this online database. Many load boards offer free sign up or an affordable monthly fee, which helps you, find loads for you. Shippers can post their needs free.

Live information

The shipments are posted live and constantly updated, so you can get immediate access to business that matches your services. It is highly beneficial to companies as your trucks are never empty.

Set notifications

You can set alerts also about the tasks, which you are looking for. For instance, a company you would like to work with or a particular route or location you prefer.

The notifications save time or you would have to spend hours looking for suitable posts daily. Even shippers can get notifications when their favorite truckers are available.

Develop your business

If you are a freight broker, then load boards give you a good access to wide network of truckers whose route match the location of your load.

You also have a choice to select a route, which will bring you home to your family. All you need to do is post the truck information like max weight allowance, truck loads to haul and so on.

A lot of freight brokers who are in constant needs of transporting stuff look up to load boards to get a supply of drivers for their delivery.

Competitive prices

Because there is a big supply of drivers, the pricing has gone highly competitive and with rise in quality of service. You can optimize your pricing policy according to your clients, especially if a client wants to ship to your preferred destination or through your preferred route.

The drivers make an informed decision about the rates they post. Hence, no shipper can ask for a very low and no trucker can post a very high rate. Both parties negotiate fairly.

Shiply is a load board that helps truckers and shippers to build a long-lasting relationship. Sign up now to open up new business opportunities for you.

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