Smartphone Photography

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As a photographer, you have photographic equipment in your camera bag for many thousands of euros. Nevertheless, it can often make sense to use the smartphone to take pictures. The digital transformation over the years has given our smartphones so many enhancements and possibilities, photography included.

Using the smartphone is suitable for the following reasons:

The Smartphone Is Always With You

Most people, and photographers, of course anyway, still have their smartphone with them. It is ready for use in your pocket and is ready to shoot within a second. By the time the “large” photographic equipment is prepared for use, a particular motif may have disappeared again. Sometimes the SLR camera is also at home and is currently not available.

The best camera is always the one you have with you. And if that’s just the smartphone, then we can also use it very well. For this reason, we have provided a few handy tips so that you can get even more pictures with your smartphone, and at a good quality.

The Picture Quality Is Amazingly Good

Thanks to an increase in technology, The picture quality of most smartphones is excellent. This applies at least when there is enough light. At first glance, a photo in bright daylight, even if it is photographed indoors, can hardly be distinguished from a picture with an expensive camera. Almost all the phones around us are quipped with standard cameras, regardless of their models.

Images Can Be Shared Online Instantly

The speed at which we share pictures from our smartphone is an added advantage. Once the photos are on the smartphone, they can be shared online without any additional effort.

Either very publicly, i.e., on Facebook or Instagram, or privately, for example, via WhatsApp.

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