Discounts And Savings On Safeco Auto Insurance

Safeco offers you incredible savings if you’re a safe driver on the road. Your local independent agent can keep you in the loop with respect to the discounts and savings that are available to you with respect to your car insurance. In addition, there are several ways to save on Safeco car insurance.

Discounts On Safeco Car Insurance

Should you choose to combine your home and auto insurance policies, a Sefeco package can cost up to 15 percent less than traditional policies. In addition, Safeco Safety Rewards are awarded to safe drivers with clean driving records. This includes benefits and discounts exclusive to those who drive safely or take accident prevention courses to further boost their capabilities on the road. If you want to take the said course, you’ll have to be within a defined age range, which is often 55+ in most states. You will then be eligible for a discount that can last for a maximum of three years. If you’re younger, the Teen Safety Rewards are a better bet. It offers discounts and tools to help you be a safer driver. In addition, it also helps with the cost of adding a teen driver to your existing auto policy.

Cut down on costs with the Safeco low mileage discount. This lets you drive down costs by up to 20 percent if your car is more at home in your garage than on the streets. If you insure more than a single vehicle using the same policy, you will be eligible for a discount. Further, should you wish to protect your car from theft, you can qualify for an anti-theft device discount should you choose to add an audible alarm to your vehicle. You can also opt for a device that can disable the ignition or fuel system, adding an extra degree of protection and safety. Some states offer a discount on vehicles that come out of the factory with four-wheel anti-lock braking systems (ABS). And if you wish to cut down on costs significantly, you can take advantage of savings on your insurance if you own and reside in a single-family home or townhouse.

Lower Your Auto Insurance Rate

Safeco gives you the option to lower your premium by shifting a portion of the loss payment to your expenses. While higher deductibles lower your premium, they increase the amount you have to pay in the event of a loss. Another way you can lower your insurance rate is by paying your bill in full right from the start. Paying the entire amount at the start or the renewal of a policy instead of paying up in monthly installments nets you discounts on the policy as well.

Use these techniques to cut down on the costs of your auto insurance policies with Safeco. Based on your needs and requirements, an independent Safeco agent can find further means of finding the right discounts and savings opportunities. You can find an agent online by entering your zipcode, they will take care of the rest. Save on your Safeco auto policy today!

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