Popular Freeze Dried Food

The process of freeze-drying food maintains the smell, taste, and texture and permits long-term preservation of food items. Such food is popularly recognized as astronaut food, and freeze-dried ice cream is a common souvenir at space and technology museums. Lightweight and popular for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness strategies including long-term storage, freeze-dried food is enjoyed by many on a regular basis and are easily re-hydrated and enjoyed in many ways.

Prepared fruits and vegetables are a popular snack item. Many people enjoy a morning bowl of cereal loaded with fruits such as strawberries and bananas. Dieters are especially fond of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, because they provide nutritious and convenient, figure-friendly snack options to curb appetites throughout the day. Parents and children alike appreciate these prepared fruits as a healthy alternative to processed, sugar-laden snack foods. These emergency items were originally developed as astronaut food for space exploration, and this fact makes convincing kids to try it very easy.

All sorts of foods are available for emergencies, including meats, grains, fruits, and milk. Without water content, foods are extremely light weight and can be preserved for years. A variety of foods and meal options are available in individual portions for convenient portability. Hikers and camping enthusiasts enjoy freeze-dried meals and snack items for these reasons. Several days’ worth can be carried without adding tremendous bulk and weight to gear kits. All items may be enjoyed dry or prepared with water to re-hydrate contents.

Emergency preparedness is a practical approach to surviving in difficult times. To increase comfort, health, and survival odds, many people develop long-term storage plans using freeze-dried and dehydrated foods and other non-perishable items to prepare for the event of an emergency. The aftermath can leave store shelves empty as panicked residents of a community stock up on supplies. Maintaining a supply of freeze dried food is a practical alternative to this behavior and not subject to food spoilage in power outages when refrigeration fails. Options are available with shelf lives over 20 years which makes them a popular emergency food source.

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